Dedication and Thank You to All the Troops


Mission: I plan to play Taps at as many of the 131 VA National Cemeteries and National Monuments that I can visit prior to our next National Election  as a Heartfelt Thank You for those who Gave All;  Those Who Served and are Now Serving and To Raise Awareness of Our Right to Vote. I will be playing Taps "Overthere" at the Normandy landing beaches; Omaha, the Pointe du Hoc monument and the American Cemetery on May 8, 2010.

65th Anniversary of VE-Day         /         Never Forget or Apologize!

         Comcpleted: 132 VA National Cemeteries and various National Monuments  
                             October 12, 2012 at Puerto Rico National Cementery, Bayamon,PR!